Now Avaible For Pc Vr

Now Avaible For Pc Vr

Spire Seeders are now hiring who will be tip of the spear in re-expansion efforts. Work is hard and risky but the pay is 

good and you get to smack goblins. Buckle up, because you are going to Gledenor to be a violent spire farmer.

This is a tower defense game where you are the tower and  you can literally jog into their personal space to give enemies a good old beating, throw your weapons to where it  hurts or sling weapon abilities to wreak havoc on an island of goblinoids.

Play as a the vanguard of magic, defending magical spires from waves of enemies while they grow and restore the arcane. Enhance your classic arsenal of weapons with magical ability 
upgrades in this game of resilience.

Avaliable Now For The Following Platforms :